Safe and comfortable anti skid diamond plates for residential and commercial use.
  • Four checker plates with diamond shaped, round-shaped, willow-shaped

    Checker plates with different materials and patterns

  • Diamond safety grating applied as footplate in stairs
    Diamond safety grating with enough opening makes shoes firmly grip the stairs to ensure safety
  • Aluminum one-willow pattern slip-resistant diamond plate
    Diamond plate holds up to shoes to resist slip
  • Colorful round-shaped diamond plates as wall panels
    Diamond plate wall decoration in colors

Hot embossing and CNC punching diamond plates for various uses.

Glamour Diamond Plates Company has decades of experience in producing and manufacturing all types of diamond plates including aluminum checker plate, stainless steel checker plate, galvanized checker plate, perforated checker plate and safety metal grating in various patterns. With rich experience, advanced staff and considerate service, we guarantee that the high-quality products and professional technology will blow you away.

What types of diamond plates do we provide?

  • Diamond plates are made from three major materials as shown below:

    Aluminum checker plate. Made from aluminum steel, aluminum checker plate can resist slip effectively and it is strongly welcomed by customers used as decoration material in daily life. If you want to save money, aluminum checker plate is your premium choice.


    • Lightweight and easy installation.
    • Anti-oxidizing covered on surface resists rust.
    • Economical in price.
    • Decorative.

    Stainless steel checker plate. Of all types of checker plates, stainless steel checker plate is the one that has the best material. Stainless steel material can resist alkaline, bear high temperature, remain a long service life with minimum maintenance.


    • Bear low and high temperature.
    • High strength and hardness.
    • Suitable for harsh environment.

    Galvanized steel checker plate. With heavy zinc-coated on surface, galvanized checker plate protects the plate from corrosion and rust applied as floors, ramps, elevators, ceilings, cabinets.

    • Anti-corrosion and rust.
    • Bright color, decorative.
    A piece of aluminum checker plate with two willow pattern bars

    Lightweight and anti-oxidizing surface resist rust

    A piece of diamond-shaped plate sheet

    Stainless steel diamond plate

    A galvanized steel checker plate with five bars

    Galvanized checker plate resists corrosion and non-slip

    A raised round-shaped checker plate

    Stainless steel checker plate with round-shaped

  • Perforated checker plate and channel-shaped safety grating such as diamond safety grating, round safety grating, expanded metal grating, serrated bar steel grating are also involved in the following list.

    Perforated checker plate. Perforated checker plate is made through hot-embossing or CNC punching. It has various patterns of slotted holes on surface to resist slip and keep people safe.

    Channel-shaped safety grating. It can be classified into diamond safety grating, round safety grating, serrated bar steel grating and expanded metal grating. Such grating has raised surface and big holes, which can resist slip and let mud, debris and other extra materials drop down to keep self clean.


    • Anti-skid and safe.
    • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
    • High strength and loading capacity.
    • Easy installation and economical.
    • Self-cleaning with minimum maintenance.
  • A sheet of perforated checker plate with rasp holes

    Rasp holes perforated checker plate

    A stock of crocodile mouth shaped grating

    Crocodile mouth shaped anti-skid safety grating

    A piece of aluminum raised metal grating

    Raised expanded metal grating

    A piece of serrated bar steel grating with bearing bar and cross bar welded

    Galvanized serrated bar steel grating

What can you do with multiple types of diamond plates?

Aluminum anti-skid staircases with 5 bars

Aluminum diamond plate as anti-skid staircases

Diamond plates used for garage flooring

Diamond plates work as garage floors

Aluminum diamond plate for loading ramp on truck

Anti-slip diamond plate suitable for ramp

A stock of aluminum steel anti-skid bridge

Anti-skid bridge assures pedestrian's safety with its rough surface. People feel comfortable and safe when walking on the plate.

Diamond plates ceiling tiles and cabinet

Diamond plates ceiling tiles and cabinet for decorative use

  • Anti-skid stairs. Benefiting from anti-slip features, diamond plates can be used as stairs in residential, commercial, and industrial places.
  • Anti-slip flooring. Diamond plates adapt to various situations such as living room, factory, workshop and other places exposed to chemicals.
  • Loading ramps. Checker plates are suitable for vehicle loading ramps in that they provide friction between vehicle and ramps. It is convenient to load and upload goods.
  • Ceiling tiles and cabinets. Not only does diamond plate have anti-slip property, but also it has decorative features used as ceiling tiles and cabinets to beautify the room.
  • Anti-skid bridge. Anti-skid bridge is a safe bridge that provides safety access for passengers, workers and racers. Such anti-skid bridge protects them from injury.

Glamour Diamond Plates Company strives to supply various high quality diamond plates and premium service to meet customers' requirements. We uphold the principle of "Honesty comes the first, Innovation is the soul". We anticipate to gain the most popularity of customers from all over the world. If you have interest in our products and want to know more information about us, please feel free to contact us at

Hot Products
  • Diamond plate with diverse patterns of raised surface can resist skid and be widely used as footplate in industry, workshop, trucks and daily life.

  • Perforated checker plate with raised surface makes shoes firmly grip the floor used as tread plate, walkway, workshop flooring to ensure people's safety.

  • Diamond safety grating with diamond-shaped openings with serrated edges provides excellent anti-slip property applied as walkways and stair treads, etc.

  • Non slip stair tread plate not only resists skid and corrosion but also has aesthetic features widely applied in residential, commercial and other fields.

The most popular products and specifications
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