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Product list of diamond plates

  • Diamond plate with diverse patterns of raised surface can resist skid and be widely used as footplate in industry, workshop, trucks and daily life.

  • Perforated checker plate with raised surface makes shoes firmly grip the floor used as tread plate, walkway, workshop flooring to ensure people's safety.

  • Diamond safety grating with diamond-shaped openings with serrated edges provides excellent anti-slip property applied as walkways and stair treads, etc.

  • Non slip stair tread plate not only resists skid and corrosion but also has aesthetic features widely applied in residential, commercial and other fields.

  • Checker plate and expanded metal grating not only resist slip but also have decorative property applied as ceilings in dining room, supermarket, airport.

  • Skid-resistant temporary bridge has excellent anti-skip features and loading capacity appropriate for construction sites and racing track.

  • Round safety grating with open debossed holes on surface has excellent anti-slip property and is widely used as stair treads, flooring, walkways, etc.

  • Expanded metal grating produced by slitting and stretching has raised and flattened surface to resist slip applied as walkways, workshop platforms, etc.

  • Serrated steel grating produced by welding bearing bars and cross bars has good skid resistance suitable for walkway, stair tread, workshop platform.

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