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Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized diamond plate

Diamond plate, also known as checker plate, chequer plate, chequered plate or tread plate. It is a type of lightweight metal sheet with raised diamond pattern or other regular shapes (willow pattern with 2 bars, 3 bars and 5 bars; lentil pattern with 1 bar; round pattern) on one side and smooth surface on the other side. Diamond plate can be classified into aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and galvanized plate. Owing to its skid-proof, anti-wear properties, diamond plate is widely used for footplate in construction industry, workshop, truck, ambulance, dock as footplate to ensure people's safety. Besides, diamond plate is also a perfect decorative factor in daily life.

One piece of stainless steel diamond plate

Stainless steel plate with raised diamond pattern on surface

One piece of aluminum checker plate with two willow pattern bars

Aluminum checker plate has two raised willow pattern bars on surface

A piece of aluminum anti-slip tread plate with three willow-shaped bars

Slip-resistant aluminum tread plate shaped with three bars

One piece of aluminum checker plate with five willow pattern bars

Five-bar willow pattern checker plate

A sheet of one-bar lentil pattern checker plate

Lentil pattern checker plate with one bar

A piece of galvanized one bar checker plate

One bar galvanized checker plate


  • Anti-skid. Diamond plate has regular raised and rough diamonds on surface. The raised diamonds can create friction to provide excellent skid-resistance.
  • Resist corrosion and rust. Galvanized material can protect diamond plate from corrosion and rust.
  • Heat resistance and long service life. Stainless steel plate can resist higher heat and be used in harsh environment. It can assure the long-term operation.
  • Easy to be installed and moved. Aluminum checker plate is relatively lightweight. It is easy to be installed. Also, diamond plate does not require adhesives, so it is simple to be moved when cleaning is needed.
  • Minimized maintenance.
  • Comfortable for walking and working.
  • Brilliant decorative functions.


Product Aluminum checkered plate
Material High grade aluminum sheet
Shape 2/3/5 bars
Ridge height 0.8mm - 1.2mm
Ridge Length 38mm
Thickness 1.0mm - 6.0 mm
Width 1220mm - 1525mm
Length 2400mm - 5800mm
Color Silver, black, yellow, red
Standard GB/T3880-2006, EN485, ASTMB209
Product Galvanized checkered plate
Material Low carbon steel
Length 500mm - 12000mm
Width 100mm - 2000mm
Thickness 2.5mm - 8.0mm
Surface Zinc coated
Packing Export-sea worthy packing with each bundle tied and protected
Application These products are widely used in all kinds of architecture and engineering structure, such as the beam, ship, corridor, passageway, stairway, warehouse and other fields.
Product Stainless steel checkered plate
Material 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310S, 410, 410S, 430, etc.
Thickness 0.3mm - 3mm for cold roll; 3mm - 12.5mm for hot roll
Width 10mm - 600mm for strip; 600mm - 2000mm for sheet
Length 2000mm - 6000mm
Technique Hot rolled; Cold rolled
Packing Packing in pallet with each bundled


  • Widely used in engineering and construction. Checker plate is widely used as stair treads, platforms, walkways in engineering and construction industry owing to its perfect anti-skid, anti-rust properties.
  • Applied in public spots. Checker plate is applied in public places such as supermarkets, entrance to elevators, subway and exercise room to ensure people's safety.
  • Running boards of wheelchairs and automobiles. Diamond plate used as running board in wheelchairs, cars, trucks and ambulance for anti-slip application.
  • Loading ramps. Checker plate on loading ramps can increase the friction between tires and ensure safety.
  • Decks of ships, deck ladders, lifting equipment.
  • It is often used in the decoration of furniture, ceiling tiles and cabinet in daily life.
Aluminum checker plate used as stair tread

Checker plate is used as stair tread due to its anti-skid property

Diamond floor plates jointed used on trailer

Diamond plate flooring can resist slip to ensure safety

Tread plate as footplate to reduce skid for drivers in car

Tread plate is applied for footplate in cars to resist skid for drivers' safety

Equal length upper and lower aluminum diamond plate storage cabinet

Diamond plate is used for storage cabinet in daily life

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