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Aluminum anti-skid bridge with reflective railing strip

Anti-skid bridge is defined as a temporary pedestrian passage bridge with reflective railings on both sides made from aluminum steel with hot-embossing and perforated holes on surface. Anti-skid bridge aims at resisting slip, ensuring workers and pedestrians' safety. It is easy to install and saves space mainly used as access for workers in construction spot and simple trace track for racers, etc.

A stock of anti-skid bridge with foldable side railings of reflective stripes

Aluminum anti-skid bridge with foldable railings

Five anti-skid bridges folded and piled in a line

Aluminum anti-skid bridges folded and piled


  • Slip resistant.
  • Foldable railings.
  • Reflective railing stripes.
  • Ensure passengers' safety.
  • High loading capacity.
  • Good drainage effect.
  • Suitable for harsh environment.
  • Low weight, easy to install.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Save space.


  • Material: aluminum.
  • Capacity: 200kg/m2 - 300kg/m2.
  • Railing load: 2kn/m2 - 5kn/m2
  • Length: 1.5m - 4.0m.
  • Width: 1.2m.


  • Temporary passage bridge in construction site.
  • Racing track for racers.
  • Other temporary safety passage.
Temporary anti-skid bridges are stable and safe for workers to walk on

Anti-skid bridge with good stability ensures workers' safety

Anti-skid bridge over the river provides access for bicycle racers

Anti-skid bridge's slotted surface firmly grips tires to ensure racer's safety

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