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Different diamond plates for various application

Diamond plate, also known as checker plate, chequer plate or chequered plate is a type of anti-sliding metal sheet with multiple patterns of raised bars on one side and the reverse side featureless. Diamond plate is made from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized material and has a wide range of application due to the responding property and function as shown below.

Stainless steel five-bar willow shaped checker plate for staircases

Stainless steel checker plate is adaptable to tough environment for a long service life owing to its anti-corrosion, durable advantages. It is absolutely the ideal one fit for such harsh condition.

Aluminum diamond plate applied as garage flooring resists slip

Diamond plate is perfect flooring option for anyone who is looking for high-quality garage flooring. Aluminum material is lightweight and it is easy to install. Besides, it has anti-oxidizing on surface, preventing rust and corrosion.

Aluminum checker plate applied for loading ramp of vehicle

Diamond plate is used as vehicle loading ramp. The vehicle is lined with diamond plate both inside and outside. Once the wheel touches the raised surface, they will have strong friction and anti-slipping effect. Scratches and dents will be avoided when uploading and loading goods.

Aluminum diamond plate designed to be cabinet

Aluminum diamond plate is welcomed by furniture designers due to its beautiful outlook and durable material.

Diamond plate is decorative applying for ceiling tiles

Diamond plate not only has anti-slip feature used as stairs, flooring, but also has esthetical feature and decorative function widely applied as ceiling tiles. The special design is ideal choice for the architectural style.

Aluminum foot plates inside vehicle resist slip

The foot plate is made from aluminum material with raised diamond which can make shoes grip the floor firmly. It has good self-cleaning property and prevents dirt and water accumulating in vehicles.

Bright aluminum diamond plate as truck load bed and storage box

Aluminum checker plate is robust to have higher loading capacity. The raised anti-slip patterns prevent people from slipping.

A stock of aluminum steel anti-skid bridge

Anti-skid bridge assures pedestrian's safety with its rough surface. People feel comfortable and safe when walking on the plate.

Stainless steel checker plate used for lift floor

Stainless steel checker plate installed in the lift safeguards personal safety compared with lifts that have flat, shiny surface.

Aluminum bright checker plate designed as wall panel

Checker plate used as wall panel based on its decorative and durable advantages. Aluminum checker plate is both cheap and attractive, which provides an ornament element for dwellers.

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